Perception Equals Reality:
A Case Study on Price Point and Institutional Reputation

Last year, the Spark451 team partnered with Feedback to conduct a case study of a private college in New York City. We evaluated the college’s reputation, its competitiveness in the market, and its comparative price point to both peer and aspirational competitors to determine if they could afford a cost increase. Check out our recent webinar for our findings.

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During our recent webinar, Spark451 Senior Business Development Strategist Pete Colbert and Feedback Chief Behavioral Officer Dean Browell, Ph.D. delved into:

  • why we conducted our study of a private college in NYC.
  • the unique methodology and analytic approach used to assess market reputation competitiveness as a tool to determine the viability of price adjustments.
  • the detailed results of our case study.
  • the benefits of conducting the same research for your institution.
  • candid thoughts on the efficacy of evaluating reputation to determine price adjustments.

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Spark451 is a higher education enrollment strategy, technology, and marketing firm that combines creativity with powerful technology to achieve measurable results. With a mission to help colleges and students fuel their future, the firm integrates a multitude of communication channels and platforms for effective enrollment marketing, student search, creative services, and digital media. Since 2011, Spark451 has worked with over 200 colleges and universities nationwide.

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Feedback specializes in developing contextual voice-of-the-consumer research through digital channels for mid-size and large global brands. They help marketing professionals deeply understand their customers in ways that tools and automated technologies simply cannot. Using their unique HumanFilter system to conduct ethnographic research into very specific audiences, their hand-trained data scientists (from fields such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology) observe behaviors, identify preferences and channels, and analyze findings. They then provide clients with action plans based on this research, which frequently lead to higher levels of brand awareness, increased customer engagement, and greater sales.